Micro-Inspection Camera!

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Get your Lizard Cam™ & includes the mirror tip, hook tip and magnet tip
As Seen On TV
As Seen On:
You may have seen the Lizard Cam on some of the countries most popular TV Channels.
Lizard Cam Is Perfect For:

Clogged Drains


Dryer Vents

Clogged Spaces

Do-It-Yourself Jobs


All The Reasons You Need To Get A Lizard Cam™
  • Allow You To See In Hard-To-Reach Places
  • Hand-Held Monitor Instantly Displays What The Camera Sees
  • 4-Foot Long Serpentine Cable Bends & Flexes To Go Where You Need It
  • Bright LED Light Lets You See In The Darkest Cracks And Crevices
  • Waterproof Cable Means You Can Investigate That Clogged Toilet Or Drain!
People Are Loving The Lizard Cam
The Hand-Held Monitor Displays Exactly What The Camera Is Seeing In Real Time
When you're working around the house, do you struggle and strain to see in tight places, behind the washer, or in small spaces? You need Lizard Cam™, the amazing new micro-inspection camera that goes anywhere you can't see. It's so easy to use. Just turn on the hand-held base, then feed the 4-foot cable with attached camera wherever you want - like a clogged dryer vent, saving you time and money. 
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